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Mercedes F1 to adopt extreme race strategies in Chinese Grand Prix

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Mercedes F1 technical chief Paddy Lowe is expecting extreme race strategies in the upcoming Chinese Grand Prix. The F1 racing team believe that this weekend’s 2016 Formula Pirelli Chinese Grand Prix will throw some wild strategies as the team try to make supersoft tyre work on the Shanghai International Circuit.

Drivers are expected to adopt extreme strategies for this coming Chinese Grand Prix because racetrack conditions could lead to heavy wear of the supersoft tyre that has not been tested and used in Shanghai before. Mercedes technical chief Lowe believes that this effort could lead to pitstop within the first five laps of the race.

The supersoft tyres are currently the most quickest of the three type of tyres available in the race, but it could lose performance in China due to extreme track condition.

Report said that the Chinese race is heavier on tyres than tracks used in Melbourne and Bahrain Grand Prix. To deal with the road condition, drivers will need to spend some 80 percent of the Chinese circuit negotiating turns and high-energy corners, not to mention the unpredictable weather condition in China that could also affect tyre degradation.

Lowe also added that the varying weather conditions in China could complicate the picture even further and will throw an even more unpredictability race for the entire Mercedes F1 team.

“That variability can make life tricky in terms of both set-up and strategy work, so it’s always a challenging weekend,” Lowe added in a statement, via the Formula1.

Mercedes is no stranger to Chinese racing space. The teams have dominated the Chinese racing track in recent seasons, with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton in the last two editions of the race.

Picture Courtesy: Morio/Wikipedia.org

Video Courtesy: Mercedes AMG Petronas/Youtube.com

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