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Mercedes F1: Ferrari strength means ‘zero room for error’

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Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff said that his Mercedes team can’t afford to take any error at the upcoming Chinese Grand Prix with arch-rival Ferrari making some significant step forward.

Mercedes, the reigning world champion, has managed to maintain their dominance of the sports at the start of this year, with Nico Rosberg winning both races and world champion Lewis Hamilton taking the second and third places in Australia and Bahrain respectively.

Despite Mercedes winning the opening two races of this year Scuderia Ferrari has grown fast and shown great improvement on the performance side, and Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff believes that Ferrari still has plenty of muscle and power left in their tank for later this year.
Wolff said that Ferrari’s current form means that there is “zero room for error” for Mercedes. The threat is real and Ferrari is on a hunt to close that gaps.

“With Ferrari increasingly breathing down our necks, as we saw in Bahrain, there is zero room for error,” Wolff said in a statement, via the ESPN. “Remaining energized is now more important than ever — and we all have plenty to keep us on our toes in that respect. With just two races down and nineteen to go, I wouldn’t say there is momentum on one side or the other.”

Ferrari’s recent performance at the Bahrain GP showed that the reigning champion Mercedes could face a huge challenge this season. Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton managed to secure a firm position at Melbourne, but Ferrari’s pace in third gave a strong indication that Mercedes need to raise their game if they want to push for more titles.

“With just two races down and nineteen to go, I wouldn’t say there is momentum on one side or the other. But what is clear – and very exciting for the team and the sport – is that we have two drivers high in confidence who will provide us with plenty of entertainment over the coming months,” Wolff added in a statement, via the Formula1.

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