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Michael Schumacher Health Updates: May not fully recover, injury may take years to heal

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Michael Schumacher

F1 Michael Schumacher’s recovery has been in snail pace and reportedly not shown any encouraging signs of hope. The doctors said that recovery process of the F1 legend is painfully slow and that this kind of injury may take years to recover completely, if the former F1 champ heals at all.

The seven-time F1 world champion is currently undergoing intense treatment and recovery process in his house in Switzerland after sustaining severe head injuries in a skiing accident on the French Alps on December 2013. According to reports, Schumacher would most likely have died had he not been wearing a helmet. Schumacher was placed into a medically induced coma for almost 6 months because of his traumatic brain injury.

On April 2014, news broke out that Schumacher was showing ‘moments of consciousness” and was gradually withdrawn from the medically induced coma. By mid-June same year Schumacher was finally moved from intensive care unit to rehabilitation ward.

Reports said that the former champ is now unable to walk and needs a wheelchair in moving around. In an earlier report by Movie News Guide, Peter Hamly, Schumacher’s spinal surgeon and neurologist said that complete recovery of Schumacher could take years.

To ease the pain brought by the news and slow recovery of the 47-year-old former champ, Schumacher’s family had imposed a total’s media blackout which led to paucity of news on Schumacher’s health update.

The former F1 champion is currently being monitored round the clock by a team of 15 medical professionals led by Professor Jean-Francois Payen. The team had operated the blood clot in Schumacher’s brain after his fatal skiing accident in 2013.

A recent medical insider reports said that the cost of Schumacher’s treatment since his accident has already reached £10 million. Hamly said that this kind of injury may take years to heal and that the former champ may not fully recover.

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