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Michael Schumacher Health Updates: Recovery still slow, condition sinking

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Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher fans have watched his recovery story very closely, patiently waiting for the latest reports regarding Schumacher’s health condition and recovery of the seven times F1 world champion.

More than two years after Schumacher’s tragic accident at the French Alpine resort in December 2013, news and updates regarding his health condition remain scarce, not much information is known about his recovery condition.

The latest reports about Schumacher is that he just comes out of the medically induced coma, and now in a wheelchair, but his recovery is still on snail pace and simply not showing any encouraging sign of hope. This means that there has been almost no improvement made in his conditions ever since the former F1 champ was injured in the French Alpine while skiing.

Although his recovery is painfully slow, the former Ferrari President Luca Di Montezemolo hinted something about Schumacher, saying that the F1 legend will come out of the difficult situation with his determination and strength. Reports said that the former boss of Scuderia Ferrari has not given up hope on the recovery condition of the legendary F1 driver.

Jean Todt, former FIA president and a close friend of Schumacher, has also said that Schumacher is still undergoing recovery which certainly does not any way suggest positive result about Schumacher’s health condition.

According to spinal surgeon Peter Hamlyn, injuries like the Schumacher sustained could often take years to see healing progress.

“The first months are dominated by questions of survival, those questions of survival turn into questions of the quality of survival,” Hamlyn said in a statement, via the Christian Times.

To ease the pain brought by the news and slow recovery of the 47-year-old F1 legend, Schumacher’s family had imposed a blackout on media so that the F1 champion gets the required privacy to continue with his recovery treatment in such difficult times.

Picture Courtesy: emperornie/Wikimedia Commons

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