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Michael Schumacher News: F1 legend running out of time, neurosurgeon says

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Photo courtesy: Zastita portal/Flickr.com

The news of Michael Schumacher returning back to fitness is what the entire world is hoping for. There has been a recent update in his health status. An unnamed source revealed that Schumacher’s condition is deteriorating. The neurosurgeon who doesn’t want to be named revealed that the seven-time world champion requires a miracle to fully recover.

Schumacher suffered a life-threatening injury to his head on the French Alps. After the accident, he was taken to the Grenoble Hospital for medical supervision and was placed under coma. A second operation was performed to reduce the swelling on Schumacher’s brain.

It took three months of extensive medical care to shift the 47-year-old back to his family home on the shores of Lake Geneva. Despite staying at home, Schumacher failed to recover quickly and very little of his health conditions have been made available to the public.

Longtime manager of the German racing sensation, Sabin Kehm made a statement which mentioned Shumacher “making progress”. However, the progress was not quick and she asked the fans to be realistic and patient considering the seriousness of the injury, as reported by TVNZ.

It has been declared that the Schumacher family wants to keep relevant information away from the media in order to prevent speculations and rumors. Various media sources have come up with false information’s regarding the health update of the driver which the family considers to be unfortunate. They want to respect the man from Hurth, West Germany’s wish of disappearing from public eyes after his F1 retirement.

Michael is one of the greatest sporting icons of this generation and his recovery is eyed by thousands of his fans across the globe. However, there seems to be no concrete news on the subject and this makes it more painful for the followers and with each passing day, the glimmer of hope seems to be fading away.

Photo courtesy: Zastita portal/Flickr.com

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