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Michael Schumacher News: Health deteriorating; Latest update on walking rumors

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Photo courtesy: Cristian Janke/Wikimedia

The latest heath update of Michael Schumacher may not be encouraging for the fans of the Formula One (F1) legend. The 47-year-old German is not showing any visible signs of progress and this has been a cause for increased worry within the Schumacher family. This along with constant invasion of privacy by several news publishing medium has grown into a reason of concern.

There have been some latest reports claiming that the man from Hurth, Germany was making steady progress and that he was able to walk. However, this is not true as there has not been any official declaration of the F1 legend’s progress.

Schumacher is still unable to stand, let alone walk. He is constantly under the observation of his therapist, but nothing has been helpful in the seven-time formula world champions’ recovery. There were also reports claiming that Schumacher was found reacting to his surroundings and often cries seeing his family sad, according to Christian Daily.

However, the Ferrari legend was confirmed to be in a poor state of health and that it would require a miracle to get his life back to normal.

“He is in a more than difficult situation, and it would take a miracle to see him in public again,” Gerd Kramer, a close associate of the Schumacher family and former head of sports marketing at Mercedes revealed, according to Daily Star.

Meanwhile, Schumacher’s wife Corinna has requested the public and admirers of the F1 legend not to intrude into their private lives. The degrading health is already harder for the family to accept and it would be better if they could live with some privacy.

Despite Schumacher being in a vegetative condition, his family has still not given up on him. They are regularly praying for his quick recovery.

Photo courtesy: Cristian Janke/Wikimedia

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