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Michael Schumacher News: Health progress uncertain; F1 legend given every support by wife to improve condition

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Photo courtesy: Aécio Neves/Flickr.com

Michael Schumacher suffered a skiing accident almost 14 months ago on the French Alps and his struggling to recover despite over $14 million being spent on his treatment. The 46-year-old is not showing any positive signs of recovery which has made his friends and family anxious, doubting whether the F1 legend will ever recover to being normal again.

Professor Jean-Francois Payen, the head of the medical team who takes care of Schumacher round the clock has got regular contact with the family and is one of the few people who have realistic updates on the 7-time F1 World Champion. Payen recently spoke on Schumacher’s wife Corinna, praising her willpower and effort.

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“She has displayed in every way an exceptional willpower. She knew the seriousness of the situation and the long road that lay before them. She looks at things very clearly and makes every effort.” Payen said, as reported by Express.

Meanwhile, Peter Hamlyn, a consultant and spinal surgeon recently gave his opinion on the chances Schumacher has of recovering. Hamlyn stressed on the fact that it is tough for head injury victims to completely recover, and even if they do, it will be a matter of years.

“The first months are dominated by questions of survival. Gradually as the weeks and months go by those questions of survival turn into questions of the quality of survival.” Hamlyn said.

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Schumacher is recovering at his Swiss mansion on the shores of Lake Geneva. There has been no particular update following a media blackout from his family and this has caused limited awareness among the fans and well-wishers of the German racing icon. However, an insider did suggest that the recovery process is extremely slow and no one should expect any miracles soon.

“Progress is painfully slow. There is no miracle on the horizon. “An insider said.

The F1 legend is massaged for hours every day to stimulate muscle mass. He is then assessed for recovery every hour. Special tents have been constructed outside the German’s mansion to prevent the paparazzi from taking pictures of the racing star.

Photo courtesy: Aécio Neves/Flickr.com

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