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Michael Schumacher News: Health update not promising as condition of F1 legend deteriorates

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Photo courtesy: Zastita portal/Flickr.com

The health of Michael Schumacher is not improving and given his current condition, it doesn’t look promising. The 47-year-old is recovering from a severe head injury he suffered during a skiing accident on the French Alps. Recent reports give concerning signs which will unsettle the fans of the F1 legend for some time.

A teenage skier recently met his demise after he catapulted over a safety fence at the same resort where Schumacher had the accident. The 17-year-old Louis Ross veered off course and then crashed thus fracturing his skull and suffering a brain injury. Despite the medics’ best efforts, Ross was unable to survive. Aside from suffering an injury to his skull, the boy may also have been hit by his own ski poles in his throat, as reported by Mirror.

The recent incident involving Ross doesn’t give a positive picture for those who are hoping for a quick recovery of the seven-time F1 world champion. It also coincides with Peter Hamlyn’s statement a couple of weeks ago.

Hamlyn, a consultant and a neurological and spinal surgeon mentioned that it is difficult for severe head injury patients to go on and make a full recovery. Even if Schumacher goes on to recover, it will take years to happen.

“Gradually as the weeks and months go by, those questions of survival turn into the questions of the quality of survival.” Hamlyn said, according to express.co.uk.

Meanwhile, Schumacher’s former boss Luca di Montezemolo did give an update on the health of the F1 legend. Montezemolo mentioned that Schumacher is presently “reacting” and it will be his mental strength which will be crucial for the driver to make his recovery, according to CNN.

Health updates on Michael Schumacher has been rare since his family has forced a media blackout. This is to prevent false news and tabloid journalism on the racing icon. However, this has also resulted in no proper source being present for authentic news updates on the driver.

Schumacher is presently under state-of-the-art medical supervision at his Swiss mansion facing Lake Geneva. Around $154,000 is being spent a week for his medical needs which is proving to be tough for his family to cope with.

Photo courtesy: Zastita portal/Flickr.com

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