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Michael Schumacher News: Latest health update not good; F1 legend years away from recovery

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Photo courtesy: Chris J. Moffett/commons.Wikimedia.org

Michael Schumacher is presently recovering in his Lake Geneva facing Swiss mansion. However, the recent health update of the F1 legend is not good and according to a source, Schumacher’s recovery might be years away from happening.

Peter Hamlyn, a consultant and a neurological and spinal surgeon recently said how Schumacher might go on to recover, but it may not be a full recovery or even if he does, it will take years. He also stressed on the fact that the slow recovery of the 47-year-old is extremely torturous for his family and the public.

“If you look at severe head injury victims who go on to make a good recovery – and I’m not saying all do – it will always be a story of years. Gradually as the weeks and months go by those questions of survival turn into questions of the quality of survival.” Hamlyn said, as reported by express.co.uk.

The news of Schumacher’s recovery has been few considering his family asked for a media blackout. This was a result of constant tabloid journalism regarding the health of the F1 legend. However, an insider reported that the German’s recovery from his skiing accident is “painfully slow” and that no miracle is in the horizon.

Around 15 medical personnel are constantly monitoring the progress of Schumacher’s conditions round the clock. The rehabilitation process is very expensive and the family has to shell out around $154,000 a week which is not an easy road for them.

Meanwhile, Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s manager said that the man from Hurth, Germany is making progress but it will take a long time for him to recover. She also asked the fans to remember the severeness of the injury and keep their expectations realistic, as reported by TVNZ.

Schumacher is a seven-time F1 world champion and has won a record 91 F1 races in his career. However, he retired from the sport in 2012 after his disappointing comeback. His first victory in the sport was in the Belgian Grand Prix back in 1992 and his last was in China in 2006.

Photo courtesy: Chris J. Moffett/commons.Wikimedia.org

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