Michael Schumacher predicted Vettel to carry Ferrari legacy in F1

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Michael Schumacher did see a reflection of himself in the German Formula One (F1) driver and four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. Jock Clear, senior performance engineer in Scuderia Ferrari revealed that the German legend had great trust in Vettel’s abilities.

Clear revealed that the 28-year-old Vettel has lived up to every word of praise Schumacher used to bestow upon him. The experienced F1 engineer also added that none of the praise which Schumacher uttered was exaggerated.

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“Michael Schumacher always boasted about Sebastian. And he was absolutely right. Now that I work with Sebastian at Ferrari, I can confirm that nothing Michael had said about him was exaggerated.” Clear said, as reported by Wheels 24.

Vetter has four F1 world championships under his belt and his dedication and hard work towards the sport is seen every day in his work. Starting from meetings and simulators to motivating the entire team, Vetter knows how a successful team works and does everything from his part to push a team forward.

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Clear stressed on the fact that it was due to the extra effort that Vetter provides in the pit which differentiates him from the rest of the drivers on the grid.

Clear previously worked for Mercedes where his work was different than the one he has now with Ferrari. On being asked about his present experience with the team, the man from Portsmouth, Hampshire admitted that he has to develop in order for his Ferrari stint to be a success.

“What I know about winning championships is no longer good enough to win championships. So I have to evolve as well.” Clear stated.

Photo courtesy: Morio/

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