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Next year’s F1 cars will look much better: Ferrari’s James Allison

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Photo courtesy: Morio /Wikipedia.org

Ferrari technical director James Allison believes that the 2017 F1 regulations will produce cars that are much better than the current generation of racing cars. Allison said that next year’s F1 cars will be wider and more aggressive, and will also look very appealing.

The F1 industry has faced tough criticism over the past few seasons for the lack of visual appeal of the teams’ racing cars. This led to the creation of a new set of technical regulations for next year’s race.

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The 2017 technical regulations have been designed to create a whole new breed of much faster and more aggressive cars. These new rules will introduce cars that have wider body works and front wings, wider and lower rear wings as well as fatter tyres all around.

These big changes are aimed at creating higher levels of downforce and mechanical grip, but these are also written to avoid a repeat of some of the ugliest designs in recent years.

In addition, there is also some speculation that this will lead to fewer overtaking maneuvers as drivers will not be able to run close to the car in front.

Speaking on the second day of FIA Sport Conference in Turin, Allison said the new regulations promise to produce better looking F1 cars. He also described how the early stages of Ferrari’s 2017 design concept suggest the new cars will be much better-looking than its predecessors.

“Formula 1 teams focus completely on function over form and what it ends up looking like is just what it ends up looking like, “Allison said in a statement, via the ESPN.

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Allison’s comments come after Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne made comments about the challenge of creating F1 cars.

“I firmly believe that there should be more freedom for experimentation,” Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne said in a statement during the FIA conference, via the Motorspots.com.

Picture Courtesy: Morio/Wikimedia Commons

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