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Red Bull canopy design better than Ferrari Halo cockpit protection

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Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers Daniel Ricciardo and teammate Daniil Kvyat have both expressed their support for Red Bull Racing’s alternative to the Ferrari’s Halo F1 cockpit protection system. The two have tried a mock-up version of Red Bull’s proposed Formula 1 canopy design.

Both drivers have been urged to offer neutral opinion about the two competing safety protection system, Halo and Red Bull’s proposed design.

“In terms of function, I think the Red Bull one is good. I didn’t drive the Ferrari one, but I think the Red Bull one probably seemed to cover a few more bases,” Ricciardo said via Motorsport.

The Red Bull’s proposed canopy design uses a glass screen with support pillars to the side, and thus has an unobstructed forward view. Red Bull plans to test the prototype on a show car this April.

But unlike the Ferrari’s Halo F1 cockpit protection system, the Red Bull’s proposed protection system is essentially an open-topped canopy well-protected by a forward facing, bulletproof windshield.

The design includes two struts placed in front of the driver and screens to protect the driver in accidents and from the elements of debris. Red Bull believes that its proposed F1 canopy design will not only offer better protection to F1 driver, it also gives the driver a better view of the track.

Nico Hulkenberg of Force India F1 Racing team has also expressed support in Red Bull’s proposed design. Hulkenberg said on Thursday that he liked the Red Bull solution better, and that because its bullet proof windshield provide much better protection against small projectile-like debris. Also with Ferrari’s Halo, the issue on driver extraction has been raised recently.

“Getting out was OK actually,” said Ricciardo.

“In the scenario with Fernando [with his shattered McLaren on its side and leaning against a barrier after it had come to rest] maybe there still could have been room to slip out with the one I tried.” Ricciardo said, via the AutoSport.

Ricciardo and Kvyat have both dismissed concerns over the struts affecting side visibility.

The mirrors where they are now block a certain part of our vision, and these bars are in line so it did not actually impede anything extra from what we have now,” Ricciardo said, via the AutoSport.

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