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Red Bull gets serious, to employ new strategy software to avoid the kind of pitstop blunder that cost Red Bull a victory in the Monaco Grand Prix

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Last month at the Spanish Grand Prix, Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo was in with a great chance of winning the Spanish race. The Australian driver lost out when the Red Bull pit wall elected to keep him on a three-stop strategy that proved not to be as quick and effective as had been predicted.

Two weeks later, at the Monaco Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo tried a strong comeback, but again the Australian driver lost out on the chance of victory due to another round of pit stop problems. Having planned to switch to new soft, Red Bull decided to switch to the supersoft at the final stages of the Monaco race when they saw Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton had switched to the ultrasoft tyres. Unfortunately, the tyres weren’t accessible at that time and the pit stop has stretched out to an agonizing 13.6 seconds, and when Ricciardo emerged from the pit lane he already lost crucial time and pole position to Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. As a result, Lewis Hamilton won the Monaco race, while Daniel Ricciardo ended up in second place.

Red Bull is already in the works to discuss this kind of challenge and plans to use new strategy software to avoid the kind of pit stop blunder that cost him victory in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Earlier this month, Red Bull made a big announcement that it will introduce preventive measures to ensure that the issues experienced by Ricciardo at the Monaco GP will not happen again. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has announced earlier this month after a thorough analysis has unfolded in response to a defeat that left within Red Bull “thoroughly deflated”. Horner also explained that a communication failure triggered by the unusual garage arrangements in Monaco was the main cause of Ricciardo’ messy stop, which he made a pit stop but tyres weren’t accessible at that time.

Strategic bungles and tyre strategies are part of F1 racing, but the 2016 introduction of additional tyre compounds and rubber selections have boosted the strategic options on offer, and as a result, it has increased the possibility of simply getting it wrong on the competition. Another key factor has been the changes both start procedures and race communications, which have made it easier for a human to commit strategic errors.

Ricciardo said that he already spoke to Red Bull team principal Christian Horner and his engineer Simon Rennie about the problem.

Ricciardo was very disappointed last time out in Monaco GP when his efforts to turn his pole position into a victory were thwarted and by his own Red Bull team.

Ricciardo said in a statement, via the Fox Sports: “There’s going to be some new software that’s put in for strategy now and some live stuff during the race that can obviously make us more prepared and if there are some late calls again, to make sure everything’s put in place.

“I had plenty of questions to ask but they answered them with confidence and that’s all I needed to hear.”

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