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Red Bull suspends Aeroscreen development: Is this the end of Red Bull’s Aeroscreen program?

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Red Bull confirmed that it has suspended its Aeroscreen program as they refuse to waste any more of their resources on it if the project is not going to be approved anytime soon. Earlier this year, the F1 regulating body, FIA, announced it intended to implement a system to better protect F1 drivers in the race starting next year.

In response to this call, Red Bull presented its Batmobile-style Aeroscreen as an alternative to Ferrari’s Halo protective cockpit system. However, as reported last month, the FIA decided to go with Ferrari’s Halo design, with the Red Bull’s Aeroscreen concept lacking data and not been tested as extensively on track.

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It’s a tough call for Red Bull, who already face the challenge of working on its 2016 car, plus the preparation for its all-new 2017 challenger. FIA’s decision has left Red Bull to balance a workload nightmare.

Reports said that the Milton-Keynes outfit had already spent $280,000 or so into the project — an amount team principal Horner claimed to be too costly for the team to continue and that improving it for 2018 would only use too much of the team’s resources.

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F1 teams and FIA have agreed that the Ferrari’s Halo design concept would be the one pursued now, with the confirmation of its introduction for next year expected around the time of the British Grand Prix.

Red Bull is hoping that a third party can take the Aeroscreen project on so that it can be developed properly and for it to receive more attention. If this happens and a third party continues the development of Red Bull’s design, the Aeroscreen could make a strong comeback.

Picture Courtesy: Michael Elleray/Wikimedia Commons

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