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Red Bull’s Max Verstappen makes another big race, voted as Driver of the Day at the Canadian Grand Prix

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It’s another big day for Max Verstappen. The Red Bull Racing F1 driver has been voted the Driver of the Day at the recent Canadian Grand Prix.

The 19-years-old Dutchman has finished the Canadian race in the fourth position after an intense battle with Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg. The German tried to pass Verstappen in the final stages of the race but failed and ended up spinning on the next to the last lap.

This is the second time that max Verstappen has been voted Driver of the Day, the former Toro Rosso had already received the accolade after winning the Spanish Grand Prix.

Verstappen has made an astonishing achievement recently when he won the Spanish Grand Prix and went on to rewrite the F1 history books by becoming the youngest winner in F1 history. Verstappen’s Spanish win has also seen him break the previous record held by Scuderia Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, whose only 21 when he won the prestigious Italian Grand Prix in 2008. The Spanish victory was his first appearance for Red Bull as an F1 driver.

Red Bull has made significant advances in the past couple of months and has even replaced Ferrari as Mercedes’ closest threat. But beating Mercedes would not be easy for the team, it requires a whole new kind of racing team.

In an earlier report, Gerhard Berger, a former member of Toro Rosso management, has insisted that Red Bull needs the best possible line-up to get a better chance of beating the dominant Mercedes duo. The former Toro Rosso also believes that Red Bull’s promotion of Max Verstappen, from Toro Rosso to Red Bull F1, will give them the better chance of beating Mercedes, and that the Verstappen-Ricciardo combination would be a good match for the dominant Mercedes duo.

Max Verstappen’s promotion as a new member of the senior team has been seen as one of the most favorable options left for Red Bull after its disastrous Russian Grand Prix. The incident, which involved two F1 drivers Red Bulls’ Daniel Ricciardo and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, has cost Red Bull too much trouble in the race as it failed to score any points in the race while rivals Ferrari and Williams F1 finished well.

Red Bull is in hot pursuit of the title at that time and can no longer afford to lose any more ground in the Constructors’ Championship. To avoid another Russian GP-like incident, Red Bull has made the tough decisions to promote Max Verstappen from Toro Rosso to Red Bull team.

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