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Renault to introduce upgraded engine at Monaco Grand Prix, claims that there’s a lot more to expect from this new engine

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Renault F1
Renault F1

Renault has finally given the green light for its updated engine to be used at the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix.

Renault has worked hard to get the updated engine ready for the Monaco Grand Prix, but the problem for Renault is that there will be only one version available for each of its two teams.
Renault’s upgraded engine made a huge impression during its first tests at Barcelona last week, which prompted the team to get it ready for use for Monaco Grand Prix. Drivers were impressed with the feeling of the extra power and improved driveability, It’s now being viewed as a platform for a much stronger campaign.

Reports said that the new engine could be worth up to four tenths of a second around a typical lap, which would have been enough to lift Red Bull at the Spanish Grand Prix last week.

The upgraded engine had originally been timetabled to debut at the Canadian Grand Prix, but the scale and depth of its improvement have now prompted a push for the team to take a detour and go for the Monaco Grand Prix.

While the team was satisfied that it was reliable enough to get an early debut on Monaco, its fast-track appearance has caused a separate issue. Due to technical difficulties such as parts’ shortages and lacks time before the actual race, Renault has only been able to produce two of the new engine until now.

Still, a final decision has not been made yet, and Renault officials said that they were some complications about the state of readiness in getting an all-new-power unit on the race.

But Renault’s Kevin Magnussen believes that the team’s upgraded engine is ready enough to make its debut in the Monaco Grand Prix following a successful test run at Barcelona last week.

“The engine feels nice to drive and the drivability is actually better than with the old engine. There’s more power, but from the driving point of view, it’s difficult to feel how fast you’re going on the straight. Whether you’re going 330kph or 333kph is difficult to feel, but the engineers will have it on the data and they will tell us later on. At the moment, the main thing is the power unit is drivable so that we can continue just working as normal.”

“This power unit is actually better than the old one and we haven’t had that much time to work on it. Straight away out of the box it was better drivability, so hopefully the power is a good step as well,” Kevin Magnussen, Renault’s F1 driver, via the Crash.net.

Picture Courtesy: Slitz/Wikimedia Commons

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