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Russian GP: Vladimir Putin feels being ignored by F1 winner Nico Rosberg

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Vladimir Putin

Russian president and one-time F1 driver Vladimir Putin made an important stop to Sochi F1 circuit to meet and congratulate Russian GP winner Nico Rosberg, but things got a bit awkward between the two individuals, Putin looks like he feels ignored as the German F1 driver does everything else but shake his hand and then turn his back.

The 30-year-old Mercedes F1 driver quickly went around Putin as the Russian president entered the room where everyone gathers before the podium ceremony. Putin entered the room like a man on a mission , asking everyone about their names, including the third place Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen.

Reports said that it looked like Putin felt ignored when Rosberg enters the room and proceed to shake Kimi Raikkonen’s hand while ignoring the presence of the Russian president altogether.

Rosberg then just proceeded to remove some of his racing gear as he faced the couch with his back on the Russian president and former KGB chief the whole time. Putin feels that his presence in the room seemed just quite for Rosberg.

Finally, the two finally met and shook their hands. Putin has brought an interpreter to help him in talking.

Putin, via an interpreter: Do you like it here? Is everything all right?

Rosberg: Yeah, everything was good. It’s a great track, and they’ve done a great job. … F1 is growing in this country.

Putin, via an interpreter: Yes, exactly. Thanks to you.

Rosberg: Oh, we try.

Putin, via an interpreter: You and your colleagues, sincere thanks to you. Different segments, different sections of this sport have started to develop in Russia and people take pleasure in watching you do your job if you can call it a job.

Rosberg: You have some great Russian drivers, as well. Never has a moment for a Formula 1 winner been more awkward and, strangely enough, diplomatic.

Despite the mutual coldness backstage, Both Putin and Rosberg still managed to do their jobs, with the Russian President Vladimir Putin going on stage to give Rosberg the F1 trophy for winning the Russian Grand Prix.

Picture Courtesy: Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0

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