Michael Schumacher health information update by F1 legend Niki Lauda

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Three-time Formula One (F1) world champion and Mercedes team chairman Niki Lauda has come out to share his opinion of the secrecy of Michael Schumacher’s health by his family.

The 67-year-old Austrian has backed the decision of Schumacher’s family to safeguard the privacy of the seven-time world champion’s health.

There is constant craze amongst the media circles to gain some information about how the F1 great is doing presently. Owing to lack of proper information available, constant tabloid speculation has been paramount which is deemed as “not good” by Lauda.

“The family protects him and I understand that completely. But it means that all those who would like to know something, do not.” Niki Lauda said, as reported by Sky.

Lauda also stated that he thinks of reaching out to the bedridden Schumacher but has no way of making contact. The only way he prays for the German driver is by hoping that the 47-year-old recovers quickly.

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Despite supporting Schumacher’s family for their secrecy, Lauda has also stated that the information blackout has created unrest amongst the German legend’s fans.

The man from Vienna, Austria has asked the parties to come for a “middle ground” in terms of communication so that false tabloid journalism can be eliminated and everyone gets the proper information.

Recently, Michael Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm came out with a statement which revealed that the German driver wanted to “disappear” before he suffered the accident. Kehm went on to mention that it has kept her and Schumacher’s family from revealing much information to the public.

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“I understand it needs to be reported and that people are interested. But I believe as a journalist you should also ask yourself what and how you report it.” Kehm said to

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