UFC 196: McGregor ‘I should create my own belt’

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Heading to UFC 196, Conor McGregor’s confidence seems to be sky rocketing as always. With all the cancellations of Jose Aldo in the past, the champion believes that they are all intimidated by him.

With all the media attention that McGregor is getting, most fighters wanted to take a share of the fame and Conor is quite aware of that.

“It doesn’t matter what weight division or what belt is on the line because really I should create my own belt,” said McGregor.

An over confident (as always), McGregor welcomes all fighters in different weight categories to challenge him to a fight.

“I myself am my own belt. It doesn’t matter if it’s featherweight, lightweight, welterweight. It’s the McGregor belt. So that’s it. I’m fighting for my own belt.”

McGregor and Texas pastor

Furthermore, McGregor also humored the media by giving the thought of creating his own weight division.

“I’m going to create my own division,” joked McGregor. “Who cares about weight? They all, they sign and they pull. It’s happened time and time again in my weight class. I don’t care about weight. It makes no difference to me. Wherever it’s at, give me an opponent, and a date, and that’s it.”

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