Paul George credits Anderson Silva as his inspiration for NBA comeback

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During one of the public practices of Team USA, Paul George had an injury that reminded everyone about Anderson Silva during his loss to Chris Weidman.

It took George sometime to comeback and now playing he is on his way to play his first full season after the injury.

During his rehabilitation, George took Anderson Silva’s story and made it as a driving force to comeback to his MVP shape.

“It did (inspire me),” George told MMAjunkie.

“It helps with your confidence to see guys who went through the same injury and you see them get back to normal and compete again. He won his comeback fight. It definitely helped seeing that.”

Anderson Silva was out for a year and since then, he seemed to be a step slower than the usual. On the other hand, George took his rehabilitation seriously and with doubts that he won’t be back to his old form, he surprised everyone on his progress – even himself.

“It was (a bit of a shock) to be back here so soon,” George said during NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto earlier this month. “When I started the year off, I knew it was going to be a rebound year. I didn’t want to jump the gun. I knew I wanted to be MVP, I knew I wanted to play at the highest level and get back to where I am now, but I didn’t know if it was going to be logical. It just goes to show the work I put in to get to this point is paying off.”

George, despite the numbers feel that he hasn’t been the same player since. But instead, the injury made him mentally stronger.

“I’m nowhere close to the athlete I was, but who’s to say that can’t come back soon? I’m not too worried. I think it will at some point. I’m just happy that because of that injury, it made me stronger, it made me smarter, and it made me grow up. I’m a more mature player.”

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