NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving clashes with LeBron James, wants out of Cavaliers

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Kyrie Irving

The problems of the Cleveland Cavaliers seemed to escalate even further as the dispute between Kyrie Irving and his team continue to escalate.

In the Eastern Conference, the Cavaliers hold a slim margin to maintain the best record. With that, Cleveland continues to go on and off in their games and it is just hard to predict when they will bring their best game.

In ESPN First Take, NBA journalist, Stephen A. Smith already let the cat out of the bag and said to the entire world that Kyrie Irving wants to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Dating back to last year, I’ve been told that Kyrie Irving ain’t too happy being in Cleveland,” Smith stated on First Take

“The situation is not ideal for him. I don’t know the particulars, I haven’t spoken to him personally. It’s something that I’ve been hearing for months; that under ideal circumstances he would prefer to be someplace other than Cleveland.”

One of the factors that made Irving think twice in Cleveland was his rumored conflict with LeBron James. It has been known that Irving tried to leave the Cavaliers when James came back to the team in 2014 as he would like to be the alpha dog once again.

What kept Irving with the team is that he has no place to go to win. Cleveland is in a good position for them to win a championship for years to come and no team – that can suit him up with his contract – can offer the same striking distance to win an NBA championship.

With Irving’s contract locked in to play for the Cavaliers until the 2019-2020 season, the only way to move him is through a trade. Once the Cavaliers announce that they would love to trade Irving, a lot of teams would surely be interested in the 23-year-old high scoring guard.

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