NBA News: Montiejunas blasts Pistons on making excuses to veto trade

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After the All-Star break, the trade deadline sent Donatas Montiejunas to the Detroit together with Marcus Thornton via three-way trade. A few days after, the trade was vetoed with the Pistons stating that Moniejunas failed the medical tests.

This is quite alarming for players since their bodies are investments and once returned to Houston, the Rockets allowed him to play for the team once again.

The question that was raised was, ‘Is Donatas Montiejunas healthy?’

D-Mo aired his side of the story in a Lithuanian newspaper citing that the Pistons regretted the trade and wanted him to fail the test.

Here is D-Mo’s full statement:

The medical examination is a funny thing. The team doctor simply says whether you pass or don’t, although they may not even do any checks. Those 48 hours actually just let the team decide whether they want you or not. The Pistons announced I did not pass the medical, although I surely did pass it and played even before it. I just got ‘screwed’. The injury was a pretense to call off the trade. They changed their minds.

The Rockets were not giving me away for free, they got a high draft pick. A high pick is very useful, so I completely understand them. From my side, I see it as a business. I know they did not want to give me away and offered many other players to the Pistons, but the guys in Detroit wanted only me.

Now I will be talking to my agent and lawyers to clarify what to do next. The Pistons had access to my full medical history, so they shouldn’t have done what they did to me. They decreased my value. The medical examination I ‘failed’ was a joke. The Pistons will have some explaining to do why they did not want the trade anymore. We will see what happens.

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