Afghanistan boy ‘Little Messi’ set to meet his hero

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Afghanistan boy ‘Little Messi’ set to meet his hero

Afghanistan boy Murtaza Ahmadi who has been a search topic for the entire world could be very close to meeting his lifetime idol, Lionel Messi.

The five-year-old Ahmadi shot to global stardom after his brother Hamayon Ahmadi posted photos of him dressed in the traditional blue-and-white-striped plastic jersey with Messi’s name inscribed in marker pen on Facebook.

The Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) recently stated that Messi’s charitable foundation is trying to set up a meeting between the five-time Ballon d’Or winner and his biggest admirer.

Messi’s current employer Barcelona has also come forward to state that they are willing to help in any way possible. However, the possibility of the meeting is down to Messi and his management.

“I want to meet Messi, spend time with him, I love the way he plays football. I love him very very much.” Murtaza told CNN.

The AFF has stated that it is trying to set up a meeting in Afghanistan or in Spain. If both of the scenarios are not possible then a possible third country meeting may also come under the fray.

A meeting in Afghanistan in the times of Taliban insurgency would be a security threat to Messi. Hence, the AFF is trying everything to make the meeting happen in a European destination.

“The impact of the reports about my son has been positive and has inspired me. My biggest hope is to have a football stadium in our district. That is my biggest dream.” Murtaza’s father, Arif Ahmadi said.

Arif added that he was unable to meet his son’s demands for a Messi jersey because of its expensiveness. This led to Murtaza crying for days. His brother Hamayon then made a jersey from a plastic bag to make him happy.

Sport is a rare sight in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Even though they have a football stadium in Kabul, it is famous for executions, mutilations and stoning.

Football and cricket are the two most popular games in Afghanistan.

Photo courtesy: elespanol.com

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