Airbag got the best of Keith Thurman, postpones fight against Shawn Porter

By Peter Erick Magbanua@dakelsmb on

Keith Thurman might be a boxing champ, but when the airbags of his car deployed after figuring in an accident, he felt the hardest punch he has ever felt that caused him to postpone a title defense against Shawn Porter for the World Boxing Association (WBA) welterweight title.

Promoter Lou DiBella told that despite the car accident, the 27-year old Clearwater, Florida native did not suffer serious injuries but was badly shaken when the car’s airbag deployed.

“Keith told me the airbag hit him harder than any punch he has ever been hit by. It was not a high-speed accident, but the airbag deployed, and he got hit hard by it. He had an MRI, a CT scan and X-rays, and they were all negative, so he will be fine. He wanted to suck it up, but the doctor told him he took a significant hit from the airbag, so he took a couple of days off from training,” DiBella said.

With the accident and doubtful stage of Thurman’s recovery, DiBella added that it was the right decision to make to cancel the match, which would been aired via CBS, until further notice.

He stated that Thurman even sparred on Saturday which caused his neck and shoulder to lock up in great pain and upon the doctor’s advice, the reigning champ will have to sit it out for four to six weeks before he could go back to training.

“The fight will happen next when he’s healed and ready to go. I spoke to Keith, and he’s bummed out. He’s sore. He’s not going to pull out of a fight for a bump or a bruise…He went to two doctors, and they said it was like whiplash. It’s not a significant injury, so he is a lucky young man. It’s a matter of having to take a little bit of time, and he’s very much looking forward to doing this fight. He’s disappointed, but he knows it could have been worse,” DiBella explained.

Thurman hold a fight record of 26 wins with 22 of them coming off a knockout with no loses while Shawn Porter, who is a former IBF welterweight champion, aimed to regain back his confidence with the fight against Thurman. He carries a fight record of 26 wins with 16 by way of knockout, he also has one defeat and one draw.

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