BJ Penn responds to sexual allegations while UFC holds his return

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BJ Penn won’t be returning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) anytime soon. The mixed martial artist has been charged with sexual allegations and the UFC has launched an investigation on the legendary fighter.

The 37-year-old BJ Penn recently announced his intentions to come out of retirement that began in July 2014. He was undergoing training at Jackson Wink MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Penn expressed his desire to return at UFC 197 on April 23 set to be in Las Vegas.

Pedro Alex Carrasco, a former writer on Penn’s website took to Twitter to claim that BJ came to his home and forced himself on his girlfriend.

“When I wasn’t there and forced himself on my girl, pulled her clothes off, then blamed me, said I looked at his GF ass.” Carrasco said, as reported by TMZ.


Pedro’s girlfriend has filed the case to the police. The matter was reported in Hilo, Hawaii, where Penn originates.

“UFC is aware of the recent allegations made against BJ Penn. Every athlete deserving of proper review and this situation, as with any serious allegation, will be investigated by an independent party.” UFC responded.

The MMA promotion will put a hold on any plans of Penn’s return. They will wait until there is more information about the situation.

It has to be noted that Penn (16-10) was inducted into the UFC hall of fame last year.

There hasn’t been any official word from BJ Penn himself regarding the sexual allegations. However, his website bjpenn.com has come up with a statement.

“The allegations that Pedro and his girlfriend are making against BJ Penn simply aren’t true. In the almost 15 years Penn has been a champion fighter there has not ever been any incident or allegation in regards to his conduct with women.” the official website stated.

Until any results come out of the investigation, BJ Penn won’t be returning to the Octagon.

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