Boxing: Juan Manuel Marquez announces comeback; books fight wih Miguel Cotto

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The 42-year-old, Juan Manuel Marquez looks two fights and one of them will be against Miguel Cotto. The other fight, as Marquez stated, is going to be a tune up.

“I spoke to his agent, who is Peñagarícano. We had a conversation where I said yes I would be interested to fight Cotto, but first we want to make a tune-up fight because we know that inactivity is an important point in the career of a fighter.”

Marquez who had a long lay off before choosing to fight again, insisted that he needs to get into good condition first before fighting Cotto. Most of all, the negotiation on which weight class to fight on is still up in the air as he wants Cotto to decide the condition of the match.


“If they want to do the fight, it would have to be at welterweight and have a clause where he can not rise above 152,153 pounds the following day. To me that’s an important point. I’m not a natural welterweight and that would help me a lot, because there would be little difference in the weight [on the day of the fight].”

With all the hype that can be drawn to a highly possible Marquez-Cotto match, Marquez thinks that whether he wins or loses, it will be one great fight to watch and a challenge to both fighters.

“I think the (fight is a) win-win for both fighters. If you win, then you win over a great fighter. And if you lose, then you also lose to a great fighter. It doesn’t hurt (your career and legacy)”

The fight between Cotto and Marquez would be held sometime in November of 2016 as Marquez will put his 56-7-1 record against Cotto’s 40-5 record.

After the fight with Cotto, Marquez also hinted that it will be his last fight before calling retirement.

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