Conor McGregor slams critics, future opponents: ‘Give someone who can fight, not whiners’

As Conor McGregor prepares for his fight against Nate Diaz at UFC 196, he gives out a challenge to future opponents and that is to stop whining and get up and fight.

McGregor told the media during his workout in Las Vegas as aired by mmajunkie, he sees no clear future opponents who could stand against him inside the Octagon. He emphasized that all he sees are whiners who complain too much instead of getting it on.

“Let me see someone who stands bomb, gear up and fight and make some noise. I just hear crying, complaining, pleading and begging. I don’t see anything appealing. They need to build themselves up right now. I’m sitting pretty up here..they need to fight, make some noise and make something happen,” McGregor said.

He also explains that he has no problem on climbing weight class and getting back to his weight at 145 lbs. He explained that it takes a process to get back his weight and that will only happen after the fight.

“People only see the build-up…the fight. It’s after the fight…it’s a process to get your body back after a strenuous caught like that. This time I’m waking up at 168…I’m waking up underweight. After the fight I want to get into that process to get myself back again and I’ll be just me, normal and I can go back to 145 with no problem,” McGregor added.

He also took a jab at Nate Diaz for complaining about which weight class they will meet. McGregor when asked why he agreed to meet at 170 stated that he got pissed with Diaz’s corner for pleading too much and having problems in meeting the weight.

“He was complaining and moaning…he says ‘I cannot make 155 make it 160’…160? Ok 160…then comes back a bit later…’oh no 165.” And I have been getting this phone calls back and forth so I said ‘tell him its 170 and enjoy your fill’. Let’s see what he’s got to say because I’m here for the fight and the cheque,” he stressed.

He made one thing sure and that is to take Diaz out when the face off at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Photo Courtesy: Andrius Petrucenia/Flickr

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