Conor McGregor’s next opponent is Jose Aldo or Eddie Alvarez?

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Eddie Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor next (Kyle Holdsworth/Wikimedia)

Conor McGregor remained the biggest star in the mixed martial arts world after his defeat of heated rival Nate Diaz last Saturday night. The next big UFC rumor involves who McGregor’s next opponent is and it could be a rematch against Diaz or a fight against other top contenders like Eddie Alvarez or Jose Aldo.

McGregor was excited in the post-fight press conference talking about his future in the UFC.

“We got a lot to talk about and I’m in a beautiful, beautiful position right no. And that was built through hard work and I’m going to capitalize on that. We’ll see. There’s a lot of stuff in the pipeline. S*** is about to hit the fan here,” McGregor stated.

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There are UFC rumors that a trilogy between McGregor and Nate Diaz will happen in the future. Conor McGregor just earned the biggest paycheck in UFC history and a third fight will once again draw the MMA crowds.

However, it could also be that both fighters pick different opponents first before meeting in a third fight.

McGregor might want to defend his 145-pound title against Jose Aldo, who got beat by McGregor last year. UFC president Dana White stated that he wants McGregor to defend his title first at 145-pounds and that a third fight is not on his plans “right now”.

There is also the issue that Conor McGregor will insist on fighting Diaz at 155-pounds and not 170-pounds. With these UFC rumors of weight issues, McGregor is likely to put on hold any plans for the trilogy.

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Another option for McGregor is to fight at the lightweight division and get a fight with Eddie Alvarez, who has the title in the division. This gives McGregor a chance to win another belt in another weight class.

Watch the Conor McGregor post-fight press conference:

Video courtesy: YouTube/UFC

Photo courtesy: Kyle Holdsworth/Wikimedia

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