Djokovic has chance to become greatest of all time in tennis: Kuerten

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Gustavo Kuerten in 2004 (Photo courtesy: ataelw/Wikimedia Commons)

High praise coming from former pro Gustavo Kuerten on Tuesday as he declared Novak Djokovic could be the greatest of all time in the sport before after the Serbian’s career is over.

“The US Open was the tournament that left me amazed, [Novak Djokovic] did not play well and won a Grand Slam. The guy is scary. In the next two years, he will have a big chance to get close to Federer’s Grand Slams’ record, and could become one of he greatest [players] in history,” Kuerten said via Tennis World USA.

“Winning is complicated. The only vulnerable shot he has is the forehand, like in the match against Simon. There is a space, even if little, for players to try, but in Slams, in five sets, it is difficult.”

Kuerten is referring to Djokovic’s demolition of former World No. 1 Roger Federer at the 2015 US Open where the Serbian won over the Swiss, 6–4 5–7 6–4 6–4.

Djokovic has dominated not only Federer but the men’s singles competition with three straight Grand Slam wins (2015 Wimbledon Championships and 2016 Australian Open) and has won five of the last seven majors tournament.

Kuerten’s high praise for Djokovic continued saying that the Serbian is “at a level above all the other players,” which includes rivals Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray.

Kuerten, who is from Florianopolis, Brazil, is a three-time Grand Slam champion winning the French Open in 1997, 2000 and 2001.

Kuerten also touched on the subject of Nadal and said that confidence is the main issue for the Spanish pro. Kuerten also said that Federer remains “one of the biggest players” in the sport and expects him to become among the top two to five players in the history of the sport when he finishes his career.

However, the Brazilian believes that Djokovic will have a better career than Federer with his statement that the Serbian could become the greatest of all time in the sport.

Photo courtesy: ataelw/Wikimedia Commons

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