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Force India will look quite different from the Spanish Grand Prix

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Force India

Force India team principal Vijay Mallya has made a huge announcement that the team’s F1 car will look ‘quite different’ at the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix as the British team prepares a significant upgrade package.

The Siverstone-based racing team has been working hard on the overhaul of its VJM09, which the team hopes will spur a great fortune for them.

“Barcelona will be the first chance to run our updated car. It’s going to be a huge task to understand everything on Friday, but it’s always exciting to try new parts on the car,” Mallya said in a statement, via the Motorsport.

Frustrated by the recent race in Russia, Force India is hoping that the upgrade package will make a significant impact for the team. Force India has been hit by misfortune in Russian GP after both Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg were caught up in the first corner incidents, with both drivers involved in the race’s messy pile-up.

According to Autosport, the strength of Force India’s upgrade for the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix will determine how quickly the team switches focus to the 2017 F1 regulations.

Force India chief operating officer Otmar Szafnauer said that the team’s VJM09 will look quite different and that the car will be featuring a new front wing, floor and associated bodyworks at Barcelona.

Szafnauer also added that if the upgrade package proves a success in the track then Force India will continue to develop it, and if not the team will start to focus more heavily on the major changes due with the 2017 rules when the cars will be significantly different aerodynamically.

Force India chief Mallya also added, via Motorsport: “I hope we’ve used up all of our bad luck already! We’ve yet to see how we perform in a clean, trouble-free race without safety cars, red flags or accidents.

Picture Courtesy: Habeed Hameed/Wikimedia Creative Commons

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