Frankie Edgar calls the UFC – Ultimate Fighting ‘Conor’

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As another title fight slips trough former UFC Champion, Frankie Edgar, he lashes out hist frustrations on the most prestigious MMA organization in the world.

“I feel like my integrity is something that I’ve built over the years and I’ve been such a good guy to the UFC, and then they’re going to throw me under the bus like I ‘refused’ to take this fight,” he said.

“I would take that fight in a heartbeat, even if I wasn’t training. If I was healthy enough, I would absolutely take that fight.”

Throughout the years, Edgar has been an ambassador on the sport of MMA and he now feels that the ‘loudmouth’ of Conor McGregor is holding up the two weight classes by calling the shots over the UFC.

“And this is what my team was pissed at,” Edgar said. “This dude, they were going to let this guy hold the 145-pound title, go up to 55, now two weight classes are being held up. And now they’re saying he’s going to go up to 70.”

The Conor McGregor ‘show’ is currently the most popular angle in the UFC while Ronda Rousey is out with the injury. With that, Edgar is accusing Dana White for giving McGregor too much ‘power’ over the organization.

“This is a circus. The ‘C’ in UFC stands for Conor. This guy runs the show,” said Edgar.

Edgar, a fighter who thought of fighting at 155 long before McGregor said that he will fight at that weight class, calls it unfair because he was prohibited to fight at 155 by the UFC but Conor was given an easy pass.

“I don’t think at 145,” he said.

“I think maybe if I go to up to 155 or something. And that’s another thing. They’ve been telling me for years, we don’t want you to fight at 55, we don’t want you to fight at 155…but oh, you want to fight Conor McGregor on 10 days notice at 155? Sure, well go ahead, jump in. It’s ridiculous. If they believe in Conor so much, let me fight him at 145 and give me a full f*cking camp. And I know I’d take that belt home with me.

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