Georges St-Pierre UFC comeback update: “It’s going to be up to me to tell them when I want to get back”

By Peter Erick Magbanua@dakelsmb on

For former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, a possible comeback decision can only be summarized to this; the UFC comeback will all up to him and in him alone.

Rumors have been circulating that the 34-year old mixed martial arts champion is getting back into the Octagon sometime this year, but St-Pierre has been dismissing all of the reports and stated via Undeniable With Joe Buck that he will be one to say if he is ready and will not to be dictated upon by UFC president Dana White or anybody else.

“The truth is they’ve (UFC) called me a few times. Sometimes they make the other people call me to have the message. The truth is if I want to be back, it’s going to be up to me to tell them when I want to get back,” St-Pierre said.

Other reports have been saying that St-Pierre has been training to a possible comeback but all he does is help train other fighters get ready for their fights. He admits that he is currently stress-free and healthy.

“I have to admit and I am not gonna lie that when I watch a fight I fell the itch to comeback. I am at the prime of my life and I have not made any decisions yet. Physically I’m 100 percent,” GSP added.

For UFC president Dana White, he is still not sold out of a possible comeback for St-Pierre. In his comment on GSP at Off the Record, White stated that the Canadian fighter is “done.”

“Listen, I like Georges St-Pierre, I respect him. He was never anything but class. He was an absolute class act. He took Canada to a whole new level with the sport. It wasn’t because of anything that happened with me, or Lorenzo, he lost the urge to fight. Period. End of story. I’ve been dealing with athletes since I was 19 years old, and I saw it in his face after the Johny Hendricks fight. We went back stage and we talked — you can ask Lorenzo — I looked at Lorenzo last night, and I said GSP is done,” White explained.

St-Pierre made his retirement in March of 2014 due to a torn in his left ACL while training further delaying a potential return to fight. He also played a key role in preparing Rory MacDonald for rematch with Robie Lawler.

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