Johnny Manziel suicide allegations; ex-GF claims physical abuse, threats to life

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Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns (Photo courtesy: Instagram/jmanziel2)

Johnny Manziel, who has been in multiple controversies throughout his football career, is in hot water again after his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley claimed that the Cleveland Browns quarterback tried to hit her, threatened to kill her and commit suicide, according to multiple reports.

Manziel, who is a threat on the field both for his running game and passing game when he plays well, has already been involved in multiple incidents in the past but the new allegations could mean the final straw in the long line of alleged wrongdoings.

ESPN confirmed Manziel’s new case saying there is already a police report on the alleged incidents. Manziel has denied the new allegations with additional reports saying that Crowley was “uncooperative” during the police investigations.

“It didn’t happen. I’m completely stable. I’m safe and secure. I know I’ve been having fun but I just need to get my body right. I’m 100% committed to playing football,” Manziel, who was known as “Johnny Football” during his amateur days, said to TMZ.

New reports state that the case is closed and Manziel is not being officially charged of the allegations. The NFL has not released an official statement but stated that there is also a league investigation going on about Manziel’s most recent controversy.

Manziel, who was the 22nd overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft by the Browns, has played sparingly for Cleveland in two years in the league.

In 14 games played in two seasons, the 23-year-old quarterback has logged 1,675 passing yards on 129-of-223 completions with 7 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Manziel also ran for 259 rushing yards on 46 attempts with a single rushing touchdown.

The Browns are reportedly considering of releasing Manziel, who is expected to be chased by other NFL squads if he hits free agency.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/jmanziel2

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