Lakers Rumors: Durant has a slim chance on wearing purple and gold

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The biggest free agent this 2016, Kevin Durant is starting to make noise but the possibility on swinging over to wear the Lakers’ uniform seemed getting dim according to reports.

More than anything, Yahoo Sports writer – Adrian Wojnarowski feels that not only Durant will take the Lakers to the bottom of his wish list but also other superstars in the market.

“The big free agents, they’re forever living one of two things in the months leading into summer: searching for reasons to stay, or searching for reasons to leave. Durant has always been looking for reasons to stay. He adores the Oklahoma City community and holds a fondness for the franchise, but Durant is chasing championships, chasing a legacy,” said Wojnarowski.

The lack of star power is the main reason why KD and any other superstar would not want to sign with the Lakers. Most stars right now who wants to leave for another team would prefer to sign to a title contender.

This limits his choices, leaving the Los Angeles Lakers with little, if any, chance.

More so, Wojnarowski said that KD may end up in Los Angeles but it won’t be in a Lakers uniform.

“Outside of those well-known suitors – Washington, Houston and Miami – there’s another California team determined to make a bid for Durant, league sources tell The Vertical: The Los Angeles Clippers. If the opportunity comes to move Blake Griffin and replace him with Durant, the Clippers won’t hesitate, sources said.”


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Right now, the Lakers are mainly composed of young stallions that could be the future of the league. The names of Jordan Clarkson, D’Angelo Russel and Julius Randle are the top names who are said to carry the Lakers in the post-Kobe Bryant chapter.

With that, they are not convincing for the likes of Kevin Durant to pack his bags and move to the Lakers.

Only time can tell if the Lakers can change the perspective of Kevin Durant.

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