Manny Pacquiao getting sued for $8.6M for fixing Mayweather fight

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Pacquiao ready for training camp for fight against Timothy Bradley

Believe it or not, Pacquiao and Mayweather still have an impact to fight fans everywhere and that includes Gabriel Salvador – a waiter from Hollywood.

How? It goes like this.

Salvador, a waiter at Craig’s in West Hollywood, claims that he met up with Leslie Moonves (CBS CEO and President) to arrange a meeting with him and Freddie Roach (Manny’s trainer).

Manny Pacquiao (Photo courtesy: Mike Gonzales/Wikimedia Commons)

So Salvador -yes he is a powerful waiter – had Manny Pacquiao, Roach and Moonves meet up in a restaurant called Scarpetta Restaurant in Beverly Hills back in 2014.

Now with getting them to meet up, Salvador is asking for a referral fee of 2% of the money that was earned from the fight with Mayweather.

Salvador says in his lawsuit that he reached out to Moonves, who, in turn, contacted Roach’s agent, Nick Khan. But nothing came of it.

He also contacted Pacquiao and Roach but instead was giving him $50,000 to just shut up.

Salvador is now suing Pacquiao, Roach, Davidson and CBS for $8.6 million, which he estimates is the portion of the gross proceeds he is owed.

With the only evidence provided by Salvador was his plane ticket to Las Vegas worth $10,000.

Top Rank Promotions current attorney, Daniel Petrocelli,was made aware of this allegations to Pacquiao and his group. Atty. Petrocelli claims that he has never heard of Salvador in his entire life.

Do you believe Gabriel Salvador?


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