Mavericks News: Mejri denies trash talking with Popovich, Duncan

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Dallas Mavericks rookie, Salah Mejri went viral after their game against the Spurs by trash talking head coach Greg Popovich which was laughed at by Tim Duncan.

The Spurs – who were having a blowout of 20 points – were caught by Mejri as the rookie exploded with the dunk and looks at Greg Popovich.


The video went viral as a laughable situation where in Mejri seemed to be crazy for doing so while the Mavericks were down by 20.

The reaction seemed to trigger social media attention with Mejri getting a lot of tweets and accusing him for being stupid and disrespectful to the 5-time champion coach.

Upon asking Mejiri, he denies that he was taunting the Popovich.

“He was in my vision, but I did not yell at him,” said Mejri as reported by ESPN’s Tom MacMahon

“He is one of the greatest coaches in the league, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to yell at him. I never did that in my life.”

Mejri was just ecstatic about the dunk that he made and nothing more.

“I did not yell at their bench. I had no problem with nobody, but I was excited about the dunk. You can ask their coach if I said something bad, but I did not.”

Greg Popovich was also present to answer his side of the story. Once asked on what he heard coming out from Mejri’s mouth… he had a simple – yet sacrastic – response.

“I have no idea,” Popovich said. “It was pretty funny, though.”

The Dallas Mavericks were defeated convincingly by the San Antonio Spurs, 116-90, with Kawahi Leonard leading the way with 23 points followed by LaMarcus Aldridge contributing 14 points to go with 10 boards. On a losing effort, the Mavericks had a steady contribution from future hall-of-famer Dirk Nowitzki with 10 points and 8 rebounds.

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