McGregor on fighting Mayweather: ‘Let’s forget rules, I will win the fight’

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The Notorious is poking at Floyd Mayweather once again, this time Conor McGregor shuts down the debate om who will win the fight. For now, McGregor is widely open to fighting Floyd Mayweather.

“You know, who knows what the future holds. Who knows what the future holds. I’m open to discussion, always,” said McGregor according to

Now the barbershop debate begins, what rules are they going to be using? MMA or Boxing?

For McGregor, he just doesn’t care what rules they fight in. But if the debate will be based on rules… then how about taking out the rules?

“People always say, well Floyd would win in a boxing fight, well the MMA guy would win in an MMA fight. Let’s take out the sports. Let’s forget rules. Who wins if we just fight? Me, that’s it. So I don’t care when or what, I’ll go into that game no problem.”

While we all know that Floyd Mayweather would probably back out in a fight like this, in history, a crossover match between two fighters and different disciplines have been done prior to the birth of mixed martial arts.

It was the time when Muhammed Ali fought a Japanese wrestler named Antonio Inoki in which Ali prevailed.

For now, we can only dream of a McGregor vs Mayweather match-up but the possibilities are endless.

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