McGregor? Rousey? dos Anjos? Check Who Is The Highest-Paid Star In UFC.

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Ronda Rousey suffered her biggest loss at UFC 193 at the hands of Holly Holm but that apparently hasn’t affected her star power in any way.

In any interview to Yahoo! Sports, UFC President, Dana White has revealed that inspite of her loss to Holly Holm, Ronda is still the biggest and highest paid star in UFC.

“Ronda means a lot to the UFC and to this sport,” White told Yahoo! Sports.

“As in everything. Everything this woman does. She’s an unbelievable athlete, personality, friend, partner, you name it. Ronda Rousey is amazing.”

Not Holm and not even Conor McGregor who knocked out Jose Aldo within 13 seconds at UFC 194 to become UFC featherweight champion is the biggest star in UFC reveals White: “Uh, yea. You know … I think Ronda Rousey is the biggest star in the UFC. But let me tell you what, Conor McGregor is nipping at her heels,” White said.

White confirmed to Sports Illustrated that Rousey is still the highest paid fighter in UFC.

“It would still be true,” White said. “Yes. Without a doubt. Holly Holm is now facing Miesha Tate, which is a very dangerous fight, but if the Holly Holm-Ronda Rousey rematch happens I think it’s the biggest fight in UFC history.”

Fans were eagerly waiting for a Ronda-Holly rematch but just last week White confirmed that Rousey will return to the Octagon once filming of her movie projects gets over.

“She’ll fight in 2016,” said White to SI. “100 percent. That’s all we’ve got. Obviously we were looking for her to fight at UFC 200, but that’s not going to happen. After 200 happens we’ll look and see what went on, what she’s got going on. If there’s any human being that deserves some time off its Ronda Rousey.”

White also said that he wouldn’t mind if Rousey eventually quits the sport to pursue other interests: “I’m cool with that. I care about Ronda and all the people here at the UFC as a person. The minute you start doubting whether you should fight or not, you probably shouldn’t.”



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