NBA 2K17 Badges: Complete list and guide on how to unlock the new features

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NBA 2K17 is here and video game fans can’t wait to try them out with the newest and coolest features not available in the previous reiterations of the popular basketball game.

One of the features is collecting 2K17 badges, which is important for the gamers if they want to develop their players and teams to dominate their opponents. This was available already in NBA 2K16 but it’s an improved version, which makes this year’s release even more exciting.

One of the most popular features for the 2K series of games is the MyCareer mode, which allows individual players to personalize their player by choosing which positions to start their career with and then choosing the type of player the video game character will be developed into.

The basketball positions, center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard and point guard will be available as options to start and then the type of player for playing style (MyCareer Playstyles) like shot creator, sharp shooter, point forward, lockdown defender, glass cleaner and slasher.

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So individual players can choose if they want to be like Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors as a hot-shooting guard or be like LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers if they want to dominate the floor from all various skills.

The badges are important in getting to maximize these types of skills and players. With 55 confirmed badges, gamers will be able to develop their players fast by collecting these badges, broken down to “Personality” badges and “Skill” badges.

Like in real life, skill is as important as how the player interacts with teammates, coaches and general managers.

As noted by dpsvip.com, personality badges are more for the players’ reactions to on and off court situations and could affect the hot streaks and on-court personality of the player. Skills badges are about the gameplay and style of the player in the game.

Sports Gamers Online has a complete list of the 2K17 Personality Badges. Among them are the types “Alpha Dog”, “Clutch Performer”, “Wild Card”, “Spark Plug” and many others. This does not affect the gameplay but has an effect on the “emotions” of the player during the game, so it’s still a crucial aspect in developing MyCareer players and in various game modes.

The 2K17 Badges are plenty as well with the types like “Acrobat”, “Pick and Roller”, “Drop Stepper”, “Corner Specialist”, “Limitless Range”, “Tireless Scorer” plus many others available to be acquired or developed by the players.

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Real life NBA players are as excited as the fans of the recent release of NBA 2K17

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