NBA News: Barkley slams Stephen Curry hype ‘He’s not a great playmaker’

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While the red-hot Golden State Warriors are chasing the Chicago Bulls’ record of 72-10, Charles Barkley – a basketball player loyal to his era in the 80s and 90s – downplays Stephen Curry’s dominance in today’s NBA.

“He’s just a great shooter. It’s a totally different animal,” said Barkley when asked by UPRoxx.com about comparisons with Shaquille O’Neil’s dominance.

“He’s not more than a shooter. He’s just a great shooter,” insisted Barkley.

There is no comparison according to Barkley as he looks at Shaq as a once in a lifetime player compared to Steph Curry that he saw from and compares to some of the players in his time.

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“What Shaq did, you can’t…I never played against Wilt Chamberlain, but we’ve never had a player like Shaq,” said Barkley. “He was just unstoppable.”

Barkley, as expected, can be or will be tortured by Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry fans with his comments. But for all we know, Barkley never cares on what people think about his observations.

In Curry’s recent game against the Wizards, he had an epic battle with another prime point guard in the league by the name of John Wall.

With all the rave about how the two rival guards went up against each other, Barkley never saw that Curry won that match up with John Wall and never cared if people will care about his opinion.

“No, they (the fans) don’t,” said Barkley if fans see what he sees.

With all the positives, what Barkley sees are not the strengths of Curry’s game, but the flaws that come with it.

“Cause he played last week against John Wall and scored 51 and gave up 41. And most people think that John Wall had a better game, because Steph had 10 turnovers and John Wall had 41 and 15 assists.”

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