NBA News: Kevin Durant will be more hated than LeBron James if he goes to the Warriors

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Kevin Durant back from hamstring injury
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Once again, an NBA superstar is going to test the free agency. Kevin Durant is now the sought after free agent since LeBron James.

If history will teach Durant a lesson, he should be very careful with his version of ‘The Decision’.

Multiple teams are in the mix for the Kevin Durant sweepstakes. There is his hometown team – The Washington Wizards, Miami Heat needing to fill the void left by LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers that will look for the next Kobe Bryant, a possible reunion with James Harden with the Houston Rockets the Los Angeles Clippers, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and even the defending champions – The Golden State Warriors.

 James Harden and Kevin Durant during game 6 first round playoffs (Photo courtesy: 2O/Wikimedia Commons)

James Harden and Kevin Durant during game 6 first round playoffs (Photo courtesy: 2O/Wikimedia Commons)

For now, according to to sources, the front runner to land Kevin Durant are the Golden State Warriors. It may seemed to be the best chance for Durant to land a championship but he should be wary about the fool’s gold.

By all means, Kevin Durant will get maximum contract wherever he goes. If he settles to return to the Oklahoma City Thunder – they have the nucleus of Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka and Enes Kanter waiting for him.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

Durant’s situation compared to LeBron James is almost similar but Cleveland doesn’t have the pieces that are attractive enough for James to come back.

On the other hand, Durant has a winning team that can even produce wins without him.

Though there is the fact that everyone in Oklahoma City tries to do all on their own – ball hogging to be frank – compared to Golden State’s share-the-ball offense could be a lure to bait Kevin Durant.


But if that happens, Kevin Durant will do much more harm than LeBron’s ‘decision’ by transferring from a winning team to a much more winning team.

LeBron did leave Cleveland and automatically the Cavaliers were almost at the bottom of the standings. Oklahoma won’t.

Miami was not much of a winning team when LeBron James (and Chris Bosh) came to town. Golden State is fresh from winning a championship.

With that, Kevin Durant would look like that he wanted the easiest way out. Easier than what James did.

That would not look good in all honesty. But if we do praise Durant for doing so… we owe LeBron James an apology.

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