NBA Rumors: Russell Westbrook still pissed at Kevin Durant for joining the Warriors

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Celtics pursue Kevin Durant in free agency
Kevin Durant will be one of the highly pursued free agents this summer and rumors are swirling that he would reconsider the offer of the Boston Celtics if they would be able to build a “Big Three” of sorts in their roster.

Russell Westbrook was asked about Kevin Durant’s recent comments about his new team, the Golden State Warriors being “selfless” and many speculated that the latter’s evaluation was a shot at his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

There have been many rumors that Westbrook is not happy with how Durant treated OKC during his free agency and that the star point guard is not happy with KD’s decision to join Golden State. The new interview confirms that Westbrook is still pissed at Durant

Via Erik Horne, the Thunder beat writer for The Oklahoman, on Twitter:

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“That’s cute man. My job is to worry about what’s going on here and worry about all of the ‘selfish’ guys we’ve got over here apparently,” Westbrook said when asked about Durant’s comments that he’s very happy with Golden State because of the “team” atmosphere with the squad.

“I don’t care. To me it doesn’t matter. My job is to worry about here. Honestly, I’m really tired of talking about it. Anytime anybody asks another question, I’m not going to answer it. Just FYI. I’m not talking about it no more.”

Westbrook did not avoid the question entirely but wanted to be clear he wants to focus on the Thunder this 2016-2017 NBA Season and not on Durant and his new team.

However, that will be difficult to avoid during the season, when the Warriors and Thunder meet four times and Westbrook will likely gets asked again about his rivalry with Durant.

Here’s the schedule for the Warriors vs. Thunder in the 2016-2017 season, so they meet in the regular season series and possibly in the playoffs if both makes the NBA Playoffs.

Nov. 3, 2016: Thunder @ Warriors
Jan. 18, 2017: Thunder @ Warriors
Feb 11, 2017: Warriors @ Thunder
Mar 20, 2017: Warriors @ Thunder

The Warriors and Thunder won’t meet in OKC until February with the first two games of the regular season series set at Golden State. The Mar 20 game could be crucial for the Thunder as OKC is expected to battle for a playoff spot late in the season while the Warriors are assured of being one of the top seeds.

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Who are you rooting for in this Kevin Durant vs. Russell Westbrook rift?

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