NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Paul, Blake Griffin to Boston Celtics if LA Clippers choose to rebuild

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Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

A Chris Paul and Blake trade could happen and will be discussed near the February’s trade deadline admitted Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers about a month ago. New NBA trade rumors claim that the possibilities of deals involving stars Paul and Griffin would depend on the Clippers’ early performance in the regular season, with the Boston Celtics as possible destination.

Both Griffin and Paul can hit free agency after the 2016-2017 NBA Season. Rivers, who is also the general manager for the team, are considering options at this point of the franchise. If they are not good enough to beat the Golden State Warriors or San Antonio Spurs, then Clippers trade of their stars are likely options in Los Angeles.

The Clippers could lose both in free agency after the season and they’d prefer to get potential young players or future draft picks so they can move on from “Lob City” and rebuild if they are going to that direction.

The danger for the Clippers would be similar to the Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder free agency situation last summer. OKC was confident in Durant staying but they could have traded their superstar for young assets if they had known he would be leaving for the Golden State Warriors.

“Unfortunately for me, I’ve had 11 summers of going into the summer knowing what it’s like not to win a championship,” Paul said via ESPN, to show his disappointment in not getting very far in the NBA Playoffs.

A frustrated Chris Paul could be bad for the Clippers as he could demand a trade near the February deadline. Griffin is in the same situation and with his injury history, would prefer to play for a playoff contender at this point of his NBA career.

How Chris Paul, Blake Griffin trade to Boston Celtics looks like

The Boston Celtics are perfect trade partners for the Clippers if they want to start their rebuilding process. The Celtics want to “win now” and getting Griffin and Paul will fit in their plans to unseat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers next season.

Via the trade checker, dealing Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to Boston works under league rules. The exchange involves Amir Johnson, Avery Bradley, Isaiah Thomas, Jonas Jerebko, Jaylen Brown and Kelly Olynyk going to Los Angeles.

However, this blockbuster deal is unlikely since it involves a lot of players and Celtics may want to keep their depth than getting two stars.

The NBA trade rumors will continue to hound Chris Paul and Blake Griffin as the new NBA season begins late October. Will they be shipped to the Boston Celtics before the trade deadline?

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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