NBA Trade Watch: Why Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul swap will eventually happen?

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ESPN reporter Kevin Pelton explored a trade only few dared to tackle on. The ever intriguing trade involving Cleveland Cavaliers combo guard Kyrie Irving and Los Angeles Clippers playmaker Chris Paul.

In his latest piece on ESPN NBA insider, Pelton delved deeper into what could be a surefire blockbuster deal between two NBA title contenders.

Irving and Paul are flat-out superstars at different points of their careers.

Irving, at 23, is about to enter his prime. An explosive scorer with ridiculously tight ball handling ability, the former Duke standout is always a threat on the offensive end of the floor, but a few ranks below towards becoming an elite perimeter defender.

Paul, still an elite passer and defender, is slowly entering the twilight phase of his NBA career. After five seasons with Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and the revamped Los Angeles Clippers, the ex-Wake Forest star remains without a championship.

According to Orange County Register writer Dan Woike, swapping the two All-Star guards might not be the best solution for both teams, especially for the Clippers who have heavily depended on Paul’s playmaking and defensive ability since he arrived in Hollywood.

“A Chris Paul-Kyrie Irving swap has been whispered about over the past two years as possible solution to both teams’ woes. Cleveland would get a better defender and passer in Paul, and the Clippers would get a scorer who will enter his prime around the same time as the Clippers’ other two stars.”

On the other side of the coin, maybe this proposed deal is the answer these ballclubs are looking for all this time. Obviously both are on a win now mode, but the Cavaliers are in better position to contend right now (mainly due to a weaker conference) than this Clips team bracketed in much brutal Western Conference.

Paul is aware his championship window is closing every year and might need an easier path to glory alongside his buddy LeBron James. Irving, on the other hand, has more All-Star years ahead of him and can certainly thrive elsewhere, especially with the Clippers if they keep its young and dynamic frontcourt intact.

Perhaps, this is the holy grail for the Cavs and Clips all along. But for those people expecting this trade to go down at trade deadline, this isn’t going to happen, at least for this season.

These teams won’t dare to ruin the chemistry they earnestly built from day one of training camp up to this point. Yes, the hoopla surrounding this deal will eventually subside and then explode again in July, when almost everyone apparently is up for grabs once again.

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