NFL News: Ex-Cowboys, Panthers DE Greg Hardy indicted for cocaine possession

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Greg Hardy with Dallas Cowboys
Greg Hardy with Dallas CowboysKeith Allison/Wikimedia

More controversy for former NFL player Greg Hardy, who was reportedly indicted by a district court for cocaine possession. The promising defensive end faced domestic abuse charges and was suspended by the league when he was playing with the Carolina Panthers. He later on came back to play for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2015 season.

The new controversy and drug charges imply that no NFL team will try to get him back to the NFL after he was not re-signed by the Cowboys during the offseason. Dallas also had to deal with his attitude with many in the organization not liking his off-field activities, inappropriate Twitter posts, and his questionable commitment to the team.

In the domestic abuse charge, he was sentenced to 18 months probation and suspended 10 games by the NFL before he applied for reinstatement.

In the new case, court records state that the former NFL DE was indicted Monday for a “single felony count of cocaine possession”, as reported by USA Today Sports.

The article added that the estimated weight of cocaine found on Hardy’s possession was at 0.7 grams. This is enough to put the former Cowboys and Panthers DE to face a jail term of at least 180 years to two years. He could also be fined $10,000 for the drug possession.

Hardy was a promising defensive player for the Panthers making the NFL Pro Bowl team in 2013. For his short NFL career, he has registered 238 tackles, 40 sacks, 16 pass deflections, 1 interception and eight forced fumbles.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia

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