NFL Rumors: Giants trading Odell Beckham if he has another ‘outburst’

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The New York Giants want Odell Beckham Jr. to control his emotions in their next game, against the Green Bay Packers. According to reports, the Giants will bench Beckham if he has “another meltdown” in Week 5. There are also rumors that New York could even trade their star wide receiver if he continues to be immature and uncontrollable this season.

It would depend on how bad the antics are but Beckham could be suspended by a game or two by his own team, according to Thomas George of SB Nation.

“Two different Giants coaches told me this on Wednesday. This has been the straight talk, the real talk with Beckham. They do not expect, however, that it will come to this. They think he gets it. They think the worst of his in-game tantrums are over,” George stated in his article.

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New York is still hopeful that it will not come down to a suspension to force Beckham to mature on the field and just focus on playing football. Last season, the Giants tolerated Beckham’s behavior claiming it’s just his way of showing his passion to play the game.

Beckham has been ineffective the last two games, two losses to the Washington Redskins (29-27) and Minnesota Vikings (24-10). They won their first two games of the season, versus the Dallas Cowboys (20-19) and New Orleans Saints (19-13).

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Beckham was limited to 23 yards on 3 catches against the Vikings both career-lows for the controversial wide receiver. If the WR does not change, a suspension or even a trade could be considered by the Giants this season, basing on speculations.

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