NFL Rumors: Texans trading DeAndre Hopkins? Houston won’t negotiate contract, ‘poisonous’ relationship now exists

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DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans (Jeffrey Beal/Wikimedia)

The Houston Texans are not planning to discuss any deal or extension with DeAndre Hopkins and the star wide receiver have given up after ending his holdout by rejoining the team practice. A trade could be coming for one of the key guys for the team if both sides can not agree to a new deal.

Hopkins lost some money already after his brief holdout and it looks like he doesn’t want to lose more. Hopkins signed a four-year $7.62 million contract with the Texans in 2013 and will only get paid about $2.2 million in the 2016 season. Being the top wide receiver for the team, Hopkins was hoping to get his contract extension this NFL offseason.

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“There is not a negotiation happening at this point. He’s under contract for two more years. It was a holdout that weighed him down. He expressed his feelings about his desire to have a new contract. If you look around our locker room, we’ve been pretty consistent with taking care of our players,” Rick Smith, the Texans’ general manager, stated to NFL.com.

Smith also said they have no plans of a DeAndre Hopkins trade and that they have “every intention of keeping” the star wide receiver. In his third year in the league, Hopkins starred for Houston with 1,521 receiving yards with 11 touchdowns last season. Hopkins will be a key member of the Texans in the new NFL season.

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A trade is still possible with many reports claiming that the relationship between Hopkins and the Texans management is “borderline poisonous”, according to Bleacher Report.

Image Credit: Jeffrey Beal/Wikimedia

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