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Red Bull to run its canopy design in Russian Grand Prix

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Russian Grand Prix

Rеd Bull is preparing to test its proposed canopy protection system on Friday at Sochi, which featured a clear screen in front of the driver instead of the overhead bars used by the Fеrrari’s halo cockpit protection system.

The former F1 world champion will run its canopy design for an installation lap during Friday free practice at the Russian Grand Prix.

The team has worked round-the-clock on its alternative to the Ferrari’s Halo protection system, with some crash tests taken place over the last week to see and understand how the system will perform.

While testing of the proposed canopy design is likely to continue over the next few months, Red Bull has plans to trial its proposed canopy design on a car so that it can measure driver visibility and get driver feedback.

One of the technical issues currently hitting the Halo cockpit protection system, which was tested by Ferrari in Barcelona track, was that fans and F1 insiders did not like how it looked. Red Bull believes that its canopy design, which does it way with the pillar, will be more popular with the F1 fans and insiders.

Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg said that the proposed Red Bull ‘Aeroscreen’ is the far more attractive solution to F1’s need for cockpit protection than the Ferrari-led Halo Cockpit protection system. Hulkenberg has been one of the Halo system’s most ardent critic when it’s tested by Ferrari a few months ago in Barcelona track, describing the Halo as ‘horrible’.

The Force India driver has claimed that the Red Bull ‘Aeroscreen’ concept was an improvement aesthetically and said that another form of cockpit protection system was now inevitable.

“I think the Rеd Bull concept looks more attractive than the Halo system,” said Hulkenberg, via the Motorsport.com. “It will be interesting to see what it looks like tomorrow when the car rolls out.

Recently, FIA race director Charlie Whiting made a big announcement that the final verdict on which F1 protection design would be used from 2017 would be made on safety grounds, however, both designs performed equally well in protecting F1 drivers, then the canopy design by Red Bull would get the nod if F1 teams preferred its look.

Picture Courtesy: Premier.gov.ru press service/Wikimedia Commons

Video Courtesy: mcomstaff/Youtube.com

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