Rio 2016: LeBron James unorthodoxly luring Kobe Bryant to play in the Olympics

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Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James has an unorthodox way of luring Kobe Bryant to make his final hurrah by representing Team USA in Rio Olympics 2016. That is to declare that he won’t be playing if Bryant does not play.

“The last time I thought about Team USA was Kobe taking his name out of the pool,” said LeBron James when he asked Bryant about Rio Olympics.

With both superstars having similar backgrounds by skipping college and going straight to the pros, James admits that Bryant was his blueprint for his successful career.

“I wanted to be just like him, man,” said James. “It helped me become who I am, as well, just watching him from afar.”

“In high school I wore a nappy afro because of Kobe Bryant,” James said. “I always said my inspiration came from Jordan, but I always thought Jordan was so out of this world that I could never get there. Kobe was someone that I just always kind of wanted to be like and play like. And then, just being a competitor, he took me to that next level, and understanding how important competition is and just have a willingness to never die.”

In paying tribute to Kobe Bryant, James’ refusal to join Team USA in Rio, Olympics is something that he is playing to lure out Bryant to reconsider. 

Bryant always known James as the unselfish player in the court but more often, the retiring superstar acknowledges how LeBron communicates and sends a message to his teammates.

“His greatest strength is his ability to communicate with others,” Bryant said, “and instill confidence in others.”

With that, James may have triggered a chain reaction that could be followed by Team USA aspirants to boycott the Olympics if Bryant won’t play.

Besides, retiring with a third gold medal would be something that Kobe Bryant can boast to Michael Jordan.

Feature image from Oregonlive.com

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