Ronda Rousey gives attitude to media, warns them to ask the right questions or she’ll exit

Ronda Rousey shows that she can be a “bad ass” even outside the Octagon and lands her wrath with the media, this happened when Australia’s Channel 7 news reporter Mike Amor was told not to ask any questions about fighting or the UFC.

Amor flew from Australia to Canada to interview Rousey, who was doing a shoot for EA Sports’ UFC 2 video game which is set for release. Moments before the interview, Rousey’s PR team briefed Amor that no there should be no questions about fighting or else she end the interview and will walk out. The scene was caught on camera as the news team was setting up minutes before the question and answer with “Rowdy.”

“She’s a fighter! It’s like asking to do a story on a [basketball player] and not talking about basketball,” Amor said to Rousey’s PR representative.

The reporter eventually heeded to the representatives warning and tried his best not to agitate the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion with his line of questioning. He started by asking Rousey if she hates Australians since she lost to Holly Holm at UFC 193 that was held at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

“No, why would I be unhappy with Australians? They’re all awesome,” Rousey said.

He then asked her about her modelling for Sports Illustrated that got the front cover of the said magazine issue. He also asked her for comments regarding her suicidal tendencies, which she revealed over at The Ellen DeGeneres Show after her stunning setback to Holm. Then, the questions led to her acting career as she is set to return to the big screen with the remake of the 1989 film “Road House” that originally starred Patrick Swayze.

“You only have a short shelf life in MMA. You can’t do it forever,” Rousey added.

After the interview, Amor did the news bulletin but angles his story at his dismay with the UFC star.

“As a fighter, Ronda Rousey is good at forcefully bending people’s arms. But it was her PR people bending ours just moments before our interview,” Amor reported and then the Rousey’s PR representative will be overheard saying “No questions about fighting, or she would walk out.”

Amor ended his report with this parting shot at Rousey: “Just don’t ask her about it,” he said.

According to bloodyelbow.com, this is not the first time that Rousey was at odd as to taking questions from the media.

“Prior to her UFC 193 loss, Rousey abruptly left a media conference call when asked about her personal relationship with Travis Browne, who was accused of domestic violence by his now ex-wife,” the report said.

At the end, Rousey explained for the said incident and just told them that “My phone died.”

Photo Courtesy: La Real noticia/Flickr

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